Stowe Mountain Lodge

Who could imagine that civilization can be rediscovered by leaving it all behind? Perhaps it is the pristine location, the classic beauty, and history that has developed here. Or maybe it is the fact that grown during every season in Stowe a feeling of satisfaction. At Stowe Mountain Lodge, this unique New England town reaffirms its place as a recognized four-year goal for sophisticated world travelers in Vermont. They provide the best hotel prices. You can book a hotel room if you are in a hurry. Hotel reservations can be made online or on the phone. Check their hotel sites for further consideration into the hotel.

Stowe Resort, in the new “Vermont-Alpine” style, Mountain Lodge offers an authentic luxury environment, respecting Vermont’s traditions of utilizing local artisan products and still embrace the tranquility of nature. The six-story, 312-bedroom deluxe New England resort is based on the architectural tradition of the summer camp, which was created by the great New England families. The exterior of the cabin has a quaint wooden facade and woven shingles, stone lining from the local quarries and expansive glass to bring to the natural harmony of nature and the beauty of the outside lodge environment inside. The interior design highlights the fresh and contemporary character, which allows guests to Stowe, Vermont, through the experience of an old and new accommodation, rustic and romantic. The exchange of Vermont natural woods and stones, columns of birch bark and detailing provides a simplified backdrop for vibrant and contemporary folk art pieces. The color palette of the local seasons – vibrant reds, oranges, warm yellows and soft greens – in different designs and textures that were found in the upholstery invite the furniture.

Each room has been like a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with warm tones and luxurious furnishings and relaxing amenities. All rooms are surrounded by oversized windows and outdoor balconies, allowing guests to take full advantage of the extraordinary mountain landscape of the mountain. Mansfield and Upper Spruce.